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Chakra Harmony Morning or Evening sessions

The answer to the question “Who am I?” will give more details about my workshop.
I am passionate of life and beauty, which are characteristics on earth that help me during down & very emotional moments. Thanks to inner work, working with energy and self-reflection I am more aware of who I really am and I would like to share the tools that helped me so much during difficult times.

Confidence, feeling good in my body, trust my opinions, surrender to the highest forces, are few of the aspects I learned in the last 10 years.

Writing, dancing, having someone to talk to, slow movements, meditation are some of the tools I have been doing so far and I packed these practices into a course where I use also Facilitating Techniques, group building, energy work.

Chakras’ system is the framework I will use during the course, there will not be theory of the chakra but rather a very short introduction of the meaning of the chakra. Then it will be an experiential learning, we will do exercises to activate the energy vortexes which are connected to specific emotions/sensations in your body.

Techniques used during this weekly workshop are based on practices like Qi-gong, Conscious Dance, Somatic movements, Positive Psychology, Taoist meditation techniques, Focusing.

Online meetings offer me the opportunity to reach a larger group of people who come from different countries, and I think the diversity will enrich the experience even more as each of you will bring their own personal experience.

It will be in English and I will offer the same course twice, morning and evening sessions:

4-11-18-25 January
1-8-15 February
Time: 11.00 – 12.30 CET
Registration form:
Payment: between Eur 65 and 180 for 7 sessions

8-15-22 February
1-8-15-29 March
Time: 19.30-21.00 CET
Registration form:
Payment: between Eur 65 and 180 for 7 sessions

Roberta Colombano