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The Psychic & Mediumistic Arts

This is a weekend to..

- Move beyond fear of the unseen & unknown
- Find deep trust in your intuitive abilities
- Develop your language of energy
- Experience the unconditional love of the Spirit World
- Acces embodied mediumship
- Deepen sisterhood & devotion

A glimpse into the program..

- Opening & training your psychic abilities; Your clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience
- Opening & training your psychic abilities; Your clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience
- Intuitive oracle card reading
- Reading through art
- Understanding your sensitivity
- Communicating with yours and others loved ones in spirit
- Feeling the power of your spirit guides
- Communing with elements of nature, plants, crystals, flowers.
- An embodied way of opening your mediumship through movement and connection to the lower chakra's.
- Divine feminine practices
- The power of prayer and light language
- Deep sisterhood


99% of fear of Spirits & the unseen is because of a lack of understanding what you feel and how you can work with it. This weekend will help you understand. During this weekend you release yourself from your own scepticism and open into trusting what you see, feel, hear and know. You will experience that energy speaks a language and you can learn to speak and understand this language fluidly. It's a weekend to meet our Spirit guides & loved ones in spirit and feel their unconditional love & support for us. A weekend to remember to see beyond eyes & know beyond mind we access the mystery beyond the veil. A space in which all of you is welcome and in which you are held with love and safety together with other women. A space of deep devotion to spirit, love and life.


"Move beyond fear & scepticism and open in the clarity of your psychic gifts"


About Nicole
Nicole has had a crystal clear intuition since early childhood. To deepen her gift she has been trained intensively in the English evidence based mediumship. She devoted herself to the feminine mysteries and has travelled the world receiving deep initiations into spirit work amongst which spending 12 days and nights in complete darkness. She now offers women's retreats, 1-1 readings, group demonstrations mediumship and weekend trainings to deepen your own psychic & mediumistic gift.


Practical information
Date: 12& 13 October 2019
Times: 10:00 - 17:00

Location: Noord Straalt, Amsterdam North



"Energy speaks a language you can learn to understand and speak fluidly"