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Noord Straalt is een warm centrum voor gezondheid, spiritualiteit en educatie.
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I open my eyes for every simply gift: Roberta Colombano

Day dreaming, looking at the sky, feeling your breath, sensing your body!
It's a pure pleasure, isn't it? I was educated by old parents where their mind set was working, working, working!!
Being productive was important and allowing oneself to chill or playing music or dancing was not seen as quality. Luckily I grew up, I managed to understand my parents' background, to love them for who they are and to give myself more love. It took years of self-reflection, I had the opportunity to meet people who showed me a different way of living, I was open to "see" and to experience new ways. I am so grateful of my life and day by day I sense more trust of whatever comes on my way is simply a gift.